I started going to Awareness Through Movement classes because I heard how empowering they were, helping people to move in better ways. Personally I’d always felt I was in good shape and could mostly do the things I needed to do. At the time I did a physical job, painting and decorating, which often left me feeling achey and uncomfortable after a hard day’s work but I couldn’t pinpoint a specific problem. Could I really be moving in ways that created problems physically? And if so, could I learn to do things differently? I was curious and so went along to my first class.

Well, it was a revelation really! In the days after a class I often caught myself saying things along the lines of, “I actually have a back, which is not some stiffness behind me, but wow it actually moves” or “I didn’t know my ribs could softly be part of my breathing, each inhalation and exhalation feels now pleasurable” or even simply “I love moving smoothly through today”. Things were definitely easier for me when I practised the Feldenkrais Method: the clearest way I can describe my experience is to say that I felt the restrictions on my movement lifted from me. I was left with my human self moving freely in ways that felt both natural and remarkable.

I followed my interest in the Feldenkrais Method and in 2016 began the Professional Training Programme to become a practitioner. All going well, I’ll complete my training in 2020. In the meantime I’m running a small practice teaching Awareness Through Movement classes as a student teacher. I’m looking forward to seeing how you might benefit from ATM classes.

I’m a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK, and am listed on their directory.

Contact me on 07814 648339 or email