Awareness Through Movement

What is Awareness Through Movement?

Awareness Through Movement or ATM is a structured way of exploring both habitual and new ways of moving. Your understanding of the way you move develops as you are guided to attend to yourself in the process of movement.


What happens during the lesson?

An ATM lesson will often focus on a certain part of you moving, and an action such as reaching, rolling, turning, transferring weight, to name a few! You soon become aware of how various movements relate to your overall sense of self and discover it’s fun learning to include more of yourself.


How do I benefit from ATM?

Classes are generally taught to a group, however you are engaged as an individual because you sense what happens for you as you make each movement. How you notice, accompany and come to care about your own patterns of movement becomes a touchstone in the lesson. ATM is an experience-based practice! You will often notice a difference straightaway, an improvement in some of your most everyday functions such as standing, breathing, walking, seeing.



It’s not about setting a gold standard, doing it right or being better or worse than somebody else. Feelings naturally come up at times, and they are welcomed as part of the process. Ideally we are looking for an attitude that allows us to safely explore our present capabilities. ATM practice can support us in many ways.



“Movement is the basis of awareness ” Moshe Feldenkrais